The toaster is dead. Long live the toaster. And a spontaneous raffle for all who have to fish with slippery objects in slots.

Toast1 My toaster left me. It was a slow process. First, the key was stuck, then I had to fish the bread always with sharp objects from the slot and in the end, nothing went at all. I should have seen it coming - but the end was a shock. One last souvenir photo:


I hate it when long-term kitchen companions leave me. Very. Is it funny that I get sentimental? I still remember exactly where we got together. For years he stood obediently in the closet and distributed there crumbs, had his big performance mostly on Saturdays, stubbornly browned my toasts and baked bread rolls. Every time I opened the closet door, I noticed the separate bread roll attachment (yes, I admit this does not exactly speak for the impeccable order in my closet.) But this Tupper is simply not domesticated), but we both liked the little ritual somehow ... oh, and now he's gone, my toaster.

How am I supposed to go on alone? The Saturday morrow just is not what they used to be. Without wanting to dramatize that too much. But, I want to dramatize: I see it coming - first the toaster, then me. Coming soon with me even pinch a button something does not work properly. Then it gets worse and worse ... * sip *.

That's not how it works. I am a personality at the peak of her creative power, which desperately needs a juicy, fully functional toaster by her side. Very urgent. With this transitoriness number must now be concluded quickly. My ego devours for a new confirmation on Saturday morning.

Miraculously, in the middle of my existential toaster-mulling, the e-mail of an electrical appliance dating site reached me and asked me sensitively if I would like to try something young, fresh , Oh yes, I wanted! At first hesitant, I lost all inhibitions and leafed through the catalog with appealing candidates. And then it happened: I instantly fell in love with Koenic KTO 126. Its reduced, elegant appearance and its compact dimensions immediately told me that he is the right one.

Toaster_KOENIC_KTO 126_s

Here is his profile:
Case Material: Aluminum
Housing color: silver, black
Power: 920 Watt
Input voltage: 220 - 240 Volt
Frequency: 50 Hertz
Weight: 1,38 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.3 x 32.5 x 19.3 cm

The rest went very fast. He moved in with me a few days ago. We still get to know each other, but already the first common Saturday morning was extremely convincing: I gently put two wholemeal toasts into the slits, slid smoothly down the button and while he held the two slices gently but unconditionally exactly in the middle, he heated up powerfully , Externally, he stayed cool, but I could see what was going on inside him. While I dreamily played with the integrated bread roll attachment (yes, I'm sure he will not fall out of the closet!) And the crumb tray unlocked comfortably at the touch of a finger, it happened suddenly. With a rich, gentle jerk, the browned slices of toast came to light again. Perfect, golden brown, crispy and hot.

That was the beginning of our wonderful relationship.May in a comment why you need a young, fresh Koenic KTO 126 in your life. And with a little luck, you will soon have the perfect (Saturday morning) relationship. Legal recourse is excluded. The winners will be determined randomly.

Info: KOENIC is the exclusive brand for high quality small and larger home appliances and only available from Media Markt and Saturn. The product portfolio combines expressive design with high product quality, ranging from hairdryers or kettles to microwave ovens, washing machines and refrigerators. The Media-Saturn Group of Companies provided me with the equipment for my readers and me. Thank you.