Restaurant test undercover for scene Hamburg: Oberhafenkantine

Pberhafenkantine Restauranttest #gourmetguerilla "En pray scheef hett Gott leef!" - The Low German proverb was certainly invented for the Oberhafenkantine : The small, two-storey restaurant with outside toilet sticks crooked and crouched under a railway track, inside no angle is straight and even the lamps hang crooked from the ceiling. And also the charm of the service staff is sometimes really weird.

Our first visit attempt ends therefore directly in a gastronomic disaster: The man and I have bravely worked our way through the Hafencity towards Oberhafenkantine with the navigation of our iPhones , We planned this as a "little Sunday walk". However, in the newly developed part of town we lose our orientation and are a bit lost.

Our phones do not seem to agree on every aspect of the road - but a couple can do that in a stable relationship yes, do not disturb. Or just a little bit. At some point, we will definitely be close to turning back. Where is this damned Oberhafenkantine? Then the iPhones suddenly say in unison that we should take a road that seems to lead directly to a construction site.

Oberhafenkantine unter der Bruecke

Even if you have the feeling of going straight to nowhere, the Oberhafenkantine is actually very small at the end of this street. We draw hope! Meanwhile, we are very hungry, very thirsty and desperately need a seat. Expectantly smiling, I enthusiastically open the door and pick up the three small steps.


Oberhafenkantine Entrance

Oberhafenkantine Counter

 Oberhafenkantine Spueli

"Nee !!!", it sounds loud and angry. "I can tell you that! This will be nothing here today! We are full !!! "My expectant smile falls from my face and gets lost somewhere on the floor. I'm surprised. I look around, maybe someone else was meant ...? No, of course. We are meant. Behind me I can hear the man storming down the three steps without comment and the door behind him perhaps closing a little too stormy. For him, the matter is already done at this point. He is consistent. But I'm not ready to give up that fast - after all, the food is already in the picture. And it smells good.

I look closely at the young man behind the counter. He is in his early 20s and has panic in his eyes. A clear case of total overstrain. Now it's best to turn your maternal side forward and try it with calm and patience. "Hello first," I say smiling. "And many thanks for the warm welcome". The look of our Rumpelstilzchen flickers - he seems to find his way back to reality. "Oh, sorry," he says. I'm sorry for that now. But today it is so crowded and it is getting fuller we can not keep up. I do not know where my head is. "Do I see a tear in the corner of his eye? Maybe I was wrong too.

There is nothing to be done on this day. There is no table, everything is full or reserved and we have - no, unfortunately - no desire to take the food sitting on the curbside. The man is muksch and is annoyed silently but clearly to himself.Sunday, actually, I had expected something different from you.

But since everybody deserves a second chance, we'll be back on the way to the Oberhafenkantine two weeks later. I am fully prepared, I have already ordered a table a week before and confirmed this shortly before by telephone. Incidentally, the child is also present. In fact, this time everything goes pretty well: We find the way, are greeted appropriately, like our corner table, find the food delicious and look forward to the food.

Oberhafenkantine Speisekarte

Oberhafenkantine Gastraum

Oberhafenkantine Bier

Oberhafenkantine Wein

And the food - that's really good. Lush, steaming plates are placed in front of us on the table. We try the terrific pink fried chop with roast potatoes and sauerkraut (14,50 Euro), a wonderfully relaxed homemade meatball with potato salad (7,50 Euro) and a really good salad with gratinated goat cheese and a great dressing (7,50 Euro). The child stands on the sausage on bread with fried potatoes. For dessert, there is a veiled farmer girl, cappuccino for the adults and a cocoa with plenty of milk foam for the child. The family is happy.

Oberhafenkantine pork chop with sauerkraut

Oberhafenkantine Frikadelle

Oberhafenkantine Bratwurst on Bread

 Oberhafenkantine Veiled Peasant Girl

Oberhandenkantine Cappucino

Oberhafenkantine cocoa with milk froth

We can not help it - we love this quaint home cooking in a bizarre environment.

There's a little incident then: guests who want to take drinks outside, should pay appropriately. "Because my colleague has somehow taken the wallet and I have no change now," says the young man behind the counter. We smile in amusement, because today we are full and satisfied.

Stockmeyerstraße 39
20457 Hamburg
Phone 040 32527414
Maps: no

www.oberhafenkantine-hamburg .com

Mon-Sat 12 to 22 o'clock, Sun. until 18 o'clock;
Be sure to book seats indoors

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