A small kitchen FuckUp on Saturday. Or: I'll never make taco bowls myself again.

Make taco bowls yourself #recipe #gourmetguerilla "Honestly, Mel," said the small voice of reason in mine Head. And further: "Is it really a good idea to want to do tacos myself?" I thought for a moment. The recipe looked so good and it was really easy to read. "Of course I do it myself," I said to the pessimistic voice. "And now go away". Then I reached for the hand mixer. 50 g of flour, sugar, some egg whites, butter and 2 large handfuls of fluffy grated Parmesan I later stared at the viscous mass in my bowl. "Cuckoo!" Reason answered back. "I do not want to be a spoilsport. But is it really possible to streak out this tough mess as indicated in the recipe? "I'm tall in voices ignoring. Especially when it comes to food. With a soft, giggling chuckle the voice broke and I set to work. I did my best.


Let's take a look at the tempting original recipe for the pleasure of pleasure 05/2013.

Feel like enjoying taco bowls

And now let's take a closer look at what came out of my oven :


I would say kess, that's it nothing to do with each other. I have checked it several times: I have minutely observed all the ingredients and work steps. But instead of thinner, even and deliciously tanned taco cups, I have pale, thick pancakes that break right away if you want to bend them in taco bowl shape. Also, the taste of sweet Parmesan is a bit ... dreadful.

I'm a big fan of lust for pleasure - but with this recipe, something crucial is missing. It definitely does not work. So dear children, please do not imitate.

So, now we go out into the sunshine and buy ready made taco bowls. And the kitchen will not see me any more today.

And we'll read again tomorrow.